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At the Nook we completely understand that some folks don't mind an occasional "Donut Shop Coffee" I mean let's be honest, sometimes with our busy schedules we tend to need our caffeine fix quick and easy. 

However, there are times where you demand more from your coffee. Sometimes you need to just treat yourself. Here at the Nook we prepare coffee in a way that other local coffee shops just can't. Our setup is designed in such a way that we try to mimick a CoffeeHouse from old Italy with a remarkably fresh American Artisan Roasted Bean. 

Our Coffee is fresh, Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown and most importantly delicious. Selected from months of research and development. Our Coffee is serious business. Something that the connoisseur of coffee (or the casual coffee drinker) can appreciate. 

The Local Buzz

Have You Heard...

Dessert time! Our Local Buzz is a coffee lover's dream dessert. With notes of honey, maple, vanilla and tons and tons of coffee we present you with the drink that everyone in the area has been buzzing about. 

We use our in house coffee syrup (from a costa rican blond roast) and we layer flavor, after flavor in such a way that when served hot or over ice each sip will present a different flavor experience to your taste buds. 

After 3 months of trial and error, The Local Buzz is a perfect example of what a dessert coffee should be to the sophisticated 
pallet. Sweet but not cloyingly sweet, rich but not so thick that it becomes a chore to finish and caffeinated to the high hills! Our Buzz is something that you cannot compare to other "Coffee Milk" beverages. 

Don't take our word for it. Put your ear to the ground and hear what everyone else is talking about. Then come on in and try a sample for yourself. 

Science Makes Everything Better

Weights & measures, Grams & Ounces, Pressure vs. Resistance. Let's be honest here folks, most coffee shops just have an automatic "make my espresso" button that they press when you walk in.

We strive to provide you with a different coffee experience at the Nook by using a slightly more archaic method that we have brought around to be modern in it's efficiency.

But, what does that mean? Simple, we measure out your dosage of espresso beans. But that is where our similarities end. We pull your shot in a triple basket naked portafilter and basically pull the shot until it blondes. (Before any of the acidity and bad caffeine have a chance to be extracted) 

We use more bean, a harder tamp and pull relatively short to provide a "ristretto" consistency. 

So what does that mean to the casual consumer?
It means a less bitter and stronger shot of espresso. More power, less acidity and more importantly more sweet notes like dark chocolate and almond.

It might shock you to learn that a more powerful shot of espresso in flavor does not mean that it is more powerful in caffeine.  

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